"You can't race any higher in Europe!!"                                        
                                    - XIV international Elbrus Race 2019

September 16 - September 20 2019

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1. Goals and Tasks
2. Time and Venue
3. Participants
4.Preparation and the competitions
5. Winner Award
6. Award and Prizes
7. Terms and Provisions

1. Goals and Tasks

Revival of the tradition of Elbrus annual speed climbing competition. Development and popularization of sports climbing. Attracting attention of the world community to the rich opportunities of outdoor recreation in Elbrus Region.

2. Time and Venue

Elbrus, the summit peak of Russia and Europe, is located in 12 km from the Main Caucasian Crest. The regular shape of the volcanic cone and slopes covered with glaciers at the elevation higher than 3000 m form a sort of a mountain stadium. The speed climbing path follows the classical route: Azau clearing — Bochki – Pastukhov’s Rocks — Col – Western Elbrus. According to the multi-year statistics, the weather in Elbrus Region in the middle of September is good and steady, and probably there will be no extensive ice zones.

Registration and Briefing.

Registration: until September 01  in «Top Sport Travel» office (by e-mail, fax  (+7-812-320 05 86), phone (+7-812-740 12 10 ), September 05 - in Hotel Elba, September 06  morning —  in Azau station, afternoon and night — on Barrels, September 07 — on Barrels before Start time.

Application form is here.

Briefing: 06.09.2009 at 11.00 Azau station.

The qualification climbing to Pastukhov’s Rocks 4800 m from Bochki huts will be held as follows:

  • Date: September 07, 2009
  • Start: 11:00
  • Starting Place: Garabashi, Bochki huts, 3708 m
  • Participants: everyone with a climbing experience over 18 years old is admitted.

The V International Elbrus Race to Western Elbrus 5642 m will be held on September 09, 2009 in two categories:  Extreme and Classics.




Start: 06:00 Starting Place: Azau clearing, 2400 m Participants: those who have a wide experience in speed climbing or mountaineering and admitted by judges


Start: 07:00 Starting Place: Garabashi, Bochki huts, 3708 m Participants: everyone with a climbing experience over 18 years old, who has passed the qualification race and were admitted by judges or those who have an  wide climbing experiance and admitted by judges.


Start: 04:30-05:00 Starting Place: Garabashi, Bochki huts, 3708 m Participants: everyone with a climbing experience over 18 years old, who has passed the qualification race for period 02hrs-02hrs50min of ascent or were admitted by judges

*Climbing in «Tourism» class provided for participants who wish to climb Elbrus but  reached the section line during qualification race in period 2 hour -2 hours 50 minutes. Depends on number of participants Organisers provide 1-2 Mountain Guides for additional charge for partiicpants. Time of ascent is unlimited.

In case of nasty weather on the day of the competition the organizers have provided for one more day, September 10th. The participants shall take it into consideration when booking return tickets.

3. Participants

Everyone over 18 years old with a climbing experience who has paid 1000 rubles application fee rate is admitted to the competition.

The participants shall have the corresponding insurance and medical certificate proving that the participant has no limitations for climbing and sports.

Participation requests  please send us by e-mail until September 01, 2009, by fax (+7-812-320 05 86), by regular mail to the following address: Russia, St-Petersburg, 191123, Radischeva St. 40; Top Sport Travel.

Application form is here.

The requests will be accepted also: September 05 - in Hotel Elba, September 06  morning —  in Azau station, afternoon and night — on Barrels, September 07— on Barrels before Start time.

4.Preparation and the competitions

The preparation and the competition procedure are supervised by  Top Sport Travel and Information Center for Climbers www.Russianclimb.com
The competition procedure will be directly supervised by the Big Jury.

The competitions will be held in two stages.

1 stage. Qualification (September, 07, 2009).

The participants who have passed the qualification standards will be admitted for the Elbrus Race. The standard will be calculated from the starting time until reaching the section line, set for Pastukhov’s Rocks. The participants are considered passed if they reached the section line independently less than 2 hours of ascent and climbed down to the starting place not later than at 15.00.

2 stage. Elbrus Race (September, 09, 2009).

The time of the competitors will be defined from the starting to the reaching of the section line set on the top. The competitors are considered finished if they reached the section line independently and climbed down to the starting place not later than at 16.00.

In case of failure to climb down independently or return to the starting place after 16.00, the competitor’s result will be canceled. The control section line on the col shall be passed before 12:00, if the control time has been exceeded the competitor will be removed from the competition and he is recommended to descend down.

It is prohibited to use any transport, skis or somebody’s help. It is also prohibited to use any performance enhancing drugs. Those who break this rule will be disqualified.

5. Winner Award

The winners will be defined by the best ascension time in classes «Extreme» and «Classic».

6. Award and Prizes

The winners and the prize holders will be awarded with merit certificates and valuable prizes, established by the organizers and sponsors.

7. Terms and Provisions

Each participant shall understand that climbing to Elbrus can involve a certain risk.

The competitors will bear responsibility for their safety and health. The receiving party is responsible for monitoring participants along the route, provides the first aid and informs Elbrus Rescue Station in case of emergency. If necessary the receiving party will use race marshalls and other participant to start rescue before ariving of  Elbrus Rescue team.

The fact that a competitor goes for start means that his physical abilities and climbing skills are sufficient to cover the upcoming distance.

The competitor shall consider the real weather conditions and the state of the route of the upcoming distance.

The equipment used by the competitor shall correspond to the safety requirements.

Organizer has a right to cancel competitions in case of  bad weather or any other circumstances.

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